Holidays to Belgium

Holidays to Belgium

It has been said that ‘It’s easy to love a country known for chocolate and beer’ but although Belgium undoubtedly produces some of the finest chocolates and best beers in the world, we think there is so much more to discover. History abounds throughout this small country, with Celts, Romans and Vikings leaving their mark before the Spanish Hapsburgs added it to their vast empire in the 1500s Charles the V becoming the most powerful European emperor since Ancient Rome.

Bruges has justifiably earned its UNESCO World Heritage site status, with its network of picturesque canals, medieval market squares, fine gothic churches and its famous Belfry. For the art lovers amongst you Bruges will not disappoint as it has a wonderful collection of museums and galleries to explore, including the renowned Groeningemuseum with its astonishing collection of celebrated masterpieces.

Belgium has an excellent reputation for its cuisine, which rivals France and many restaurants serve regional dishes such as Flemish Carbonnade or Sole Meunière amongst others, and pride themselves on the standard of their food and quality of the locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

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