Tours to Iceland

In a world of over-familiar multinationals, restaurant chains and designer shops, your tour of Iceland will make for a wonderfully refreshing change. Like nowhere else on earth, it’s a land of lava fields, glaciers, tundra, fjords and geysers - fantastic landscapes that have been forged and are still being moulded by the eternal forces of water, ice and fire. The people in this most sparsely populated country in Europe are friendly and welcoming, yet fiercely independent. Their culture is steeped in the vivid, often violent sagas that tell of the lives and conflicts of their Nordic and Gaelic descendants who settled here in the 10th and 11th centuries.

This wonderful Icelandic tour will bring you in heady proximity to the most amazing sights on an extraordinary island that’s at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, and located on a ridge marking the boundary between the Eurasian and North American Plates. As you’re transported through lunar-like landscapes of multi-coloured lava plateaux you’ll get up close to spectacular waterfalls that tumble over huge lava cliffs, travel past immense glaciers and stark volcanic mountains, and experience the unpredictability of geysers that bubble and gurgle quietly away before suddenly erupting with a roar in a towering jet of superheated steam. Only on a tour of Iceland could you stretch your hands out and touch two continents at the same time, where diverging plates at Thingvellir have left two great rock scars on either side of a chasm.

At yet another Icelandic icon, the Blue Lagoon, you can bathe in naturally heated, mineral-rich waters amidst a stunning jet-black volcanic setting. Cooling lava columns were the inspiration for the extraordinary bell tower of Reykjavik’s imposing Hallgrimskirkja church – another highlight of your tour of Iceland. And of course for lovers of wildlife there are some truly unforgettable treats – from the chance to spot grand humpbacks and spectacular killer whales to minkes, dolphins and the endearing puffins of Reynisfjara’s volcanic black sandy beach.

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