Krakow was a royal capital for 500 years, and this memorable tour to Poland will show you this wonderful city at its very best. With its magnificent medieval square, more than 6,000 historic buildings and monuments, eighteen museums, 2.5 million works of art, one of Europe’s oldest universities, countless churches, famous theatres, forty parks and five nature reserves, the city is a delight to explore. A true cultural gem, it was the first historic centre of its kind to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was also chosen as the EU European Capital of Culture in the year 2000.

Developed over many centuries and miraculously escaping much of the destruction of 20th century wars, Krakow is a rich architectural showcase from Gothic and Renaissance to Baroque and even Stalinist. You can see all this fascinating variety on your tour of Poland - in the 16th century Cloth Hall that still bustles with small traders, in the rich and ornate decorations of the 14th century St Mary’s Church, in the exquisite Eclectic-style Slowacki Theatre, and in the immense medieval fortifications of Florian Gate, built to protect the city from Tatar attack. No tour to Poland could miss out either on a visit to the famous Wawel castle district. Dating back to the 11th century, dominating the city from a high hill and named after the evil Wawel Dragon of folklore, its myriad of buildings include the sumptuous Royal Palace, centre of ancient trade routes to the Orient and Baltics, and Wawel Cathedral, the final resting place of Polish monarchs.

Your Poland tour gives you other options, too. There’s the opportunity to visit the famous salt mines, the source of Krakow’s huge wealth for 700 years and adorned by dozens of statues, three chapels and an entire cathedral carved out of the rock salt by generations of miners. You can also choose to visit nearby Auschwitz and Birkenau – poignant and moving monuments to the horrors of war.

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