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Where will your holiday in Spain take you? There’s so much to discover, and although Spain is one of the world’s most visited countries vast swathes are hardly known at all. Maybe that’s because of its remarkable history - Spain is one of the most diverse countries in Europe, rich with the legacies of the Romans and Moors. For many centuries it wasn’t a nation state but a collection of countries like Aragon, Castille, Cantabria and Catalonia that evolved independently, becoming strikingly different and even speaking their own languages. Ruthlessly suppressed during the Franco years, these differences have since blossomed.

Wherever you go on your Riviera Travel tour or holiday in Spain, wonderful cuisine will go with you. There are the world-famous dishes like paella and gazpacho, and excellent Rioja and Cava wines. But there are other culinary secrets to find - Serrano hams, chorizo, roast suckling pig, seafood, and the endless varieties of tapas in bars where you can experiment with local specialities over a glass of wine. 

Or your holiday in Spain might take you inland to the vibrant cities of Salamanca, Toledo, Segovia and Madrid, where the country comes alive at night with the main squares full of street entertainers, musicians and spontaneous Flamenco performances. Beyond these fabulous cities the lovely Spanish countryside is remarkably empty of people and rich in variety - from the snow-capped mountains of the high Sierras to the splendid aridity of the plateaux, the lush meadows of the river valleys and the innumerable tiny hilltop villages, unchanged by the passing centuries.

Your tour might take you even further south to Classical Spain and Andalucia - one of the most beautiful, largely undiscovered corners of Europe with sun-kissed countryside, green olive groves, biscuit coloured plains, white snow-capped mountains, a perpetual azure blue sky … and the astonishing cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada. Whatever you choose, your Riviera Travel holiday in Spain will be as varied and rich as the country itself. 

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