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For centuries, Europe’s majestic rivers have carried travellers for many reasons – to explore, trade and sometimes, conquer. Steeped in history and culture, these aqueous arteries connect the continent’s greatest and most renowned destinations, bridging the past with the present, flowing through some of the world’s most stunning scenery. From picturesque countryside to historic landmarks, enjoy a different perspective on a variety of destinations in style and luxury.  



Sail through the landscape of Provence, past sun-baked vineyards, charming villages, and fields of wild flowers.

MS Lord Byron on the Rhone



Absorb breathtaking views of baroque cities, as well as the natural beauty of the Danube Delta and Iron Gates Gorge.

Danube river flowing in front of Hungarian Parliament Building



Swathed in myth, the famous Rhine follows the path of fairy tale castles, medieval towns and verdant vineyards.

Medieval arched bridge over river




From Paris to the heart of Normandy, around sweeping bends, past chalk cliffs and through lush countryside.

Pont des Arts bridge over Seine river with purple sky



Weave through one of the most photogenic river valleys and the sun-soaked Iberian countryside, past vineyard terraces and hillside villages.

Douro river valley



Experience meandering bends and lush green landscapes, strewn with medieval villages and quaint timber houses.

Medieval German buildings and Main river with old stone bridge


Dutch Waterways

On the delta of the Rhine, Maas and Scheldt, glide past windmills, colourful bulbfields and the old Zuiderzee. 

Pink sky with traditional Dutch windmill on river island


Meander along the serene river valley past ancient ruined castles, steep vineyards and sleepy half-timbered villages. 

Rows of grapes growing before small village and Moselle river



Discover floating villages, impressive rice-paddies, ancient temples, pagodas, and experience south-east Asian traditions.

Bright sun with wooden Cambodian river boats floating on Mekong river



Cruise tranquilly through narrow gorges surrounded by jungle-clad cliff faces and magnificent mountain views.

Cruise ships sail the Yangtze river through cliffs of Qutang Gorge



Step back in time to see ancient Egyptian pyramids and stunning architecture plus some of the most incredible sunsets.

Sun set over Nile river, with Pyramids of Giza silhouetted against orange sky



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