Holidays to Jordan

Holidays to Jordan

A land of ancient kingdoms and empires, with astonishing landscapes and monuments, this captivating tour of Jordan will show you a truly remarkable country. The legacies of the past are everywhere - from Moses, Alexander the Great and the Romans to Saladin, the Crusaders and Lawrence of Arabia. At the heart of the ancient world, it’s part of a region seen as the very cradle of civilisation - and its fascinating story will come to life on this unforgettable tour of Jordan.

Described by TE Lawrence as “vast, echoing and godlike,” Wadi Rum (or “valley of the moon”) is one of the world’s most stunning desert landscapes. Its staggering sandstone and granite rock formations - including the beautiful Seven Pillars of Wisdom - have been inhabited since prehistoric times and climbed by generations of Bedouins. You can learn something of their culture as you stay overnight in a Bedouin camp – a highlight of your Jordan tour.

No tour of Jordan would be complete either without a visit to Petra. A fabled trading centre for thousands of years and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, it was described in John William Burgon’s famous poem as “a rose-red city half as old as time”. You’ll marvel as the incredible 5th century BC Treasury appears like a mirage through a slit in the narrow gorge that approaches it, and at the entire ancient city behind that’s waiting to be discovered.

Your Jordan tour will also take you along the scenic King’s Highway through spectacular scenery with views across arid, rocky peaks. You’ll see the 12th century Shobak Crusader Castle, and the intricate 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land at St. George’s church in Madaba. You’ll gaze as Moses did over the Promised Land from Mount Nebo, visit Bethany where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist and raised Lazarus from the dead, visit the ancient Roman city of Jerash with its stunning oval piazza – and even have the chance to float in the salty Dead Sea.