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China doesn’t do many things by halves. It has the world’s greatest national population, longest land border, largest highway system, busiest container port and strongest standing army with 2.3 million active troops. It borders fourteen countries, is home to the largest single ethnic group (the Han Chinese), has more mobile phones and internet users than any other country, speaks 292 living languages and has 160 cities with a population higher than one million. It’s the world’s largest trading power and highest emitter of CO2 - but also its biggest investor in renewable energy.

Yet despite its immense scale, it’s getting up close to its intoxicating and other-worldly sights and experiences that will make your tour of China so special and unforgettable. Beijing’s Tianmen Square and entrance to the Forbidden City are truly a gateway into another era, rich in the legacies of the successive hereditary monarchies that ruled the land from the semi-mythological Xia dynasty in 2070 BCE right through to the formation of the Republic of China in 1911.

You’ll visit the Great Wall of China – a formidable, snaking protective barrier over 13,000 miles long. You’ll come face to face with the Terracotta Army in Xian – an astonishing mausoleum built in the third century BCE containing 8,000 life-size soldiers, all with individual features. Your China tour will introduce you to pandas, take you by boat down the Li River through rice paddies and hand-carved terraces, whisk you on a high speed train to Chonqing, home to 32 million people and the world’s largest municipality, and fly you to Shanghai with its unique blend of ancient, colonial and ultra-modern.

Yet even these amazing experiences are perhaps topped by your luxury three day cruise down the Yangtze River on the five star RV Century Sun. Spectacular passageways through pristine jungle, a visit to the astonishing twelve-storey Shibaozhai temple and pagoda set into a sheer cliff face, and an equally remarkable view of the colossal Three Gorges Dam will complete your unforgettable tour of China.

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