Tours to Sri Lanka

The great 13th century explorer and traveller Marco Polo said it best - Sri Lanka is simply the finest island in the world. Today it’s known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” thanks to its perfect shape, location and astonishing natural beauty. As soon as you set foot in Colombo at the start of your Sri Lanka tour, your senses will be overwhelmed. The warm tropical air, the heady aroma of spices and the vibrant colours of wild flowers, exotic fruits, women’s saris and Buddhist robes all combine to take your breath away.

This tour will show you the very best of Sri Lanka’s superb scenery, and bring you up close to its wonderfully diverse wildlife. You’ll travel through pineapple and paddy fields, coconut groves and tall pine forests, and past lush tropical jungle, huge lakes and mountains. You’ll watch the incredible sight of an entire herd of elephants taking its daily bath in the river. You’ll experience the thrilling sound of a tropical dawn chorus at Yala National Park, while getting ready to spot leopards, elephants, deer, water buffalo, saltwater crocodiles, wild boar, sloth bears, monitor lizards and a huge variety of birdlife.

A fascinating highlight of this Sri Lanka tour is the ‘Lion Rock’ of Sigiriya – an ancient citadel, royal palace and fortress in the sky built by the 5th century King Kashyapa. Once protected by the colossal head of a lion, Sigiriya sits impossibly on a massive 600ft granite tower with sheer cliffs on all sides, and is still today beautifully adorned with moats and ramparts, lavish water gardens and exquisite ancient murals. You’ll also visit the amazing cave temples of Dambulla, the sacred Temple of the Tooth and Royal Botanical Gardens of Kandy, the imposing 16th century Dutch fort of Galle, and one of the country’s finest tea estates – while still leaving plenty of time for relaxing by a palm-shaded beach and pool. The unique sights and sounds of your tour to Sri Lanka will stay with you forever.

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